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Oeksound Soothe2 v 1.1.2 Pc Software

Oeksound Soothe2 v 1.1.2

Title: Oeksound Soothe2 v1.1.2 – Software Review and Technical Details

Oeksound Soothe2 v 1.1.2 Pc Software
Oeksound Soothe2 v 1.1.2 Pc Software

Oeksound Soothe2 v 1.1.2 Introduction:

Oeksound Soothe2 v1.1.2 is an advanced and intelligent software designed for audio professionals, producers, and musicians.

Developed by Oeksound, this cutting-edge plugin provides innovative spectral processing capabilities, allowing users to tame harsh resonances and unwanted frequencies in audio recordings.

Soothe2 revolutionizes the way audio engineers address problematic frequencies, making it a valuable asset for various music production and audio post-production projects.

In this article, we will explore the software’s overview, key features, technical setup details, and system requirements, providing a comprehensive understanding of its functionalities and capabilities.

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Oeksound Soothe2 v 1.1.2 Software Overview:

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Oeksound Soothe2 v1.1.2 builds upon the success of its predecessor, Soothe, and introduces several enhancements and optimizations.

The software employs a unique algorithm to automatically detect and reduce problematic frequencies, providing a natural and transparent result.

With its intuitive interface and advanced processing techniques, Soothe2 streamlines the audio restoration process, saving valuable time and effort for audio professionals.

Whether used on individual tracks or in the mastering phase, Soothe2 effectively improves the overall audio quality and ensures a polished and pleasant listening experience.

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Oeksound Soothe2 v 1.1.2 Software Features:

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1. Intelligent Resonance Detection: Soothe2 utilizes artificial intelligence-based algorithms to identify and target harsh resonances and troublesome frequencies in real-time.

This feature ensures that only problematic parts of the audio are processed, leaving the rest of the audio untouched and preserving its original character.

2. Dynamic Spectral Processing: The software employs dynamic EQ-style processing to reduce unwanted frequencies in a musical and dynamic manner.

The processing adapts to the input signal, providing a smooth and natural result without audible artifacts.

3. Interactive Frequency Graph: Soothe2 presents an interactive frequency graph that visualizes the detected resonances and processing in real-time.

This graphical representation allows users to have a clear view of the changes applied to the audio, aiding in fine-tuning the processing parameters.

4. Adjustable Processing Speed: Users have the flexibility to adjust the processing speed, providing a balance between precision and CPU usage.

This feature is particularly useful for resource-intensive sessions and projects.

5. Sidechain Functionality: Soothe2 offers sidechain input capabilities, allowing users to use an external signal to control the processing of the primary audio source.

This feature is helpful for creative uses, such as ducking resonances based on the input signal.

6. Preset Library: The software comes with a collection of presets for various audio sources and situations, offering starting points for users to experiment with different settings and achieve desired results quickly.

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Oeksound Soothe2 v 1.1.2 Software Technical Setup Details:

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1. Software Name: Oeksound Soothe2
2. Version: 1.1.2
3. Developer: Oeksound
4. Compatibility: Available as a VST, AU, AAX plugin for major digital audio workstations (DAWs) on both Windows and macOS platforms.
5. File Size: Approximately X MB
6. License: Commercial (Available for purchase on the Oeksound website)

Software System Requirements:

To ensure optimal performance of Oeksound Soothe2 v1.1.2, your system must meet the following minimum requirements:

1. Operating System: Windows 7 (64-bit) or macOS 10.10 or later.
2. RAM: 4 GB or higher.
3. Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 processor (2 GHz or faster).
4. Graphics Card: Dedicated graphics card with OpenGL 2.1 support or higher.
5. Hard Disk Space: At least X GB of available disk space for installation and plug-in data.
6. Digital Audio Workstation (DAW): Soothe2 is compatible with most major DAWs, including Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Cubase, and more.


Oeksound Soothe2 v1.1.2 is a powerful and intelligent audio processing tool that empowers audio professionals with the ability to effortlessly tackle problematic frequencies and resonances.

With its advanced spectral processing capabilities, interactive frequency graph, and dynamic EQ-style processing, Soothe2 sets a new standard for audio restoration and enhancement.

Whether used in music production, audio post-production, or mastering, the software proves to be an invaluable asset for achieving polished and high-quality audio results.

Embrace the power of Oeksound Soothe2 v1.1.2 and take control of audio processing with precision and efficiency.

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